Guide to Throwing a Halloween Dinner Party


By: Ariana Barkin


Halloween is a holiday enriched with a deep worldly history.  It is a history that has traditions altered with time, yet still holding roots formed hundreds of years ago – like the encompassing theme of death.


Despite its breadth of history, Halloween is known today as an outlandish holiday that unites the community.  It is the one day of the year, or rather the one time of the year, when the goal is to have a spooky, scary, creative, bizarre, and eccentric celebration.  So why not embrace your roots and throw your own decadently delicious Halloween bash?


Here is a photo diary of my Halloween dinner party:



This is a view of the table. I used disposable clear dishes which made for an easy clean up and allowed my guests to see the different appetizers to choose from. As centerpieces, I used a jack-o-lantern, courtesy of Greg Wicks, miniature pumpkins and other gourds because they are inexpensive and festive.



The menu is a piece that I added so that my guests could read it and know what each dish was.

The Bloody Scary: blood orange juice (sparkling if desired) with a black vodka floater. The best way to make black vodka is to use black icing dye, a toothpicks worth of the dye with be sufficient for a fifth of vodka.


Mummified Dogs: miniature hotdogs wrapped in a crescent.








Brain Guts and Eyeballs: linguine and marinara sauce for the brain guts and meatballs with peas for the eyeballs.


Candy Corn Parfait: baked yellow zucchini on the bottom, mashed sweet potatoes in the center, and caramelized sweet onions on top.









The Edible Ghost: sun-dried tomato feta cheese dip with Kalamata olives as eyes and crackers as arms.





The Witch's Wickedly Poisonous Apple Salad: an apple, walnut, and red wine salad.








The Haunted Graveyard Panini: roast beef, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and chipotle mayo on whole wheat bread.








Vampire's Delight: pound cake with sweetened strawberries.



Spider Cupcakes: red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (or whichever cupcake flavor you desire), chocolate sprinkles, licorice legs, chocolate candy eyes, and marshmallow fangs.







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